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Player: Ruka
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Age: 18+
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Character: Roll
Age: Uhh like mid-20s?
Canon: Mega Man (Megaman Megamix/Gigamix)
Canon Point: Post-Gigamix

Background: Counts only the actual Megaman games + Battle and Chase rather than every single spinoff. Since Megamix/Gigamix is more of an adaptation, the actual storylines themselves don't change too much.

Important Roll-specific events:
- Gets captured by Skullman along with Kalinka after the events of MM4. Overheats her core to provide heat for Kalinka at great risk to herself.
- Is arrested and later leaves jail to find the real Megaman with Ringman's help. Intervenes in a fight between Megaman and Copy Megaman at the cost of heavy damage to herself, resulting in the copy fleeing in horror after wounding her and having his origins as a Wily-built clone revealed.
- Participates in the Battle and Chase race circuit with the help of Kalinka.

Personality: A caring and dependable person who Dr Light trusts implicitly. Roll is the third robot built by Dr Light, after Blues and Rock, and is thus their little sister and the older sister of the other DLNs. She trusts and cares deeply for all her siblings, wanting to keep them together (and keep an eye on them) whenever possible, like a responsible older sister should. She takes her duties and chores extremely seriously, and those who ignore her warnings about taking care of themselves may find that Roll will strongarm her way into doing it for them.

Roll tends to show her emotions more easily than many of her other family members; while she can be called many things, 'stoic' is not one of them. She possesses a great deal of empathy and sympathy for other people, even if those people are hostile to her or have hurt her; she showed at least partial understanding of the psychological issues behind Skull Man and Copy Megaman's reactions and motivations, despite the former kidnapping her and Kalinka and the latter almost killing her.

Even if she appears to be more vulnerable and open, at her core she is pure iron. Able to recover quickly in a crisis and buckle down to do what needs to be done, Roll is practical and determined, able to stay practical and organised even when worried or upset. When thrown in prison, she immediately settled on needing to break out and find a way to prove Rock's innocence, spending only a few seconds being upset about it.

These qualities can be as much of a hindrance as a help to her, though; her prioritising of tasks, especially when people she cares about are involved, lead her to become self-sacrificial in nature. She's intervened in at least one of Rock's battles by taking a shot for him that badly damaged her. She has a strong sense of justice that feeds into this; she'll do the right thing, whatever it takes - even if it means that she'll be damaged.

What Roll might lack in specialized abilities, she more than makes up for in determination and courage. Whether it's winning a race or finding a way to help her brother, she won't let anything stand in the way. She doesn't let much intimidate her, either; though she shows momentary panic or worry, not even the biggest Wily Number (or Wily himself) can intimidate her into silence or compliance. In fact, she can be quite intimidating herself, if she really needs to be.

For all this, she still has some insecurities; she entered the Battle and Chase racing circuit in order to prove that she was able to do things independently, and didn't have to wait for others to save her. She seems to think that her siblings stand out so much, being combat-ready, that she can't do much compared to them. Around robots built for combat, it seems that she feels a little inadequate - she, too, wishes that she could have the capability to be a hero, but she knows she's held back by her lack of upgrades and technical capabilities.

As a robot master, even one that's made for human assistance rather than industrial work, Roll is capable of enduring harsh conditions that normal humans wouldn't be able to. She also possesses some degree of augmented strength, durability, stamina, etc, due to being made of metal rather than flesh.

Her entire personality is contained in an IC chip in her 'brain'. Even if her body is destroyed, as long as the chip remains intact, she can be rebuilt without sacrificing her personality (or you could just plug her into a computer or something, if you really wanted). She might lose quite a few memories if they can't be salvaged along with the chip, but the essential 'her' is always intact.

Roll is a reasonably skilled mechanic and knows the ins and outs of technology maintenance. Though complex machinery is beyond her skill, she knows enough about machinery and hardware to make an educated guess at the function of something she's not familiar with.

Roll is extremely proficient at daily household tasks like cooking, cleaning and budgeting. She runs day to day business at Dr Light's lab and manages it mostly (if not completely) by herself.

Alignment: Sosyne; Roll's usual spectrum of emotions swings between 'fussily managing everything' and 'irritably telling everyone off'. Being emotional, she shows frustration easily, but she cools off quickly, too.

Other: Since Megamix and Gigamix skips over a lot of the games, and Ariga never got to cover any leadup to the X timeline, the background's a little patchwork, but it's definitely supposed to follow the canonical games.



"This is an absolute mess...!"

Roll had been shopping when the explosion had happened; now she looks over the shops and people covered in rotting gourd. Hands on hips and bag in hand, she spots a woman struggling to clean off her shopfront and makes a beeline for her. It doesn't take long before Roll is doing what she does best; armed with cloths, a mop and buckets full of clean water, she's relentlessly scrubbing storefronts with a determined expression on her face. Anyone who gets in her way is shoved aside with surprising ease, or more often stays out of the way due to the rising temperature in her vicinity. This much mess and disorganisation is absolutely intolerable to her, it seems, and she's starting to get more and more annoyed by whoever caused it. In between cleaning, she holds conversations with passerby who have come to help, or need cleaning off, and this seems to raise the temperature even more. At least it helps everyone dry off.

"It's unacceptable-- excuse me!"

She whips around, the fire in her eyes matching the heat that's beginning to make the wet cloths and the water in the buckets around her bubble and steam. She points an accusing finger at a man attempting to sneak away from the chaos without being seen.

"You were an instructor for those students, right? Then this is your responsibility!"

The man stammers and attempts to back away, seeing his approaching doom coming for him; Roll is having none of it. Brandishing her mop like a sword, she practically charges straight for him to prod him in the chest with it (fortunately, perhaps, from all the heat she's giving off, it's now dry). He falls over in his flailing scramble to get away from her.

"You should be helping everyone clean up, not running away!" She raps his chest with the mop's handle a few times to make a point, noticing the rising temperature but not connecting that it's coming from her.

"Okay! Okay! Yes!" the man finally blurts out, raising his hands and getting to his feet, backing away until he bumps up against a storefront and begins pawing at the ruined vegetable matter all over the window. "Look, I'm going to clean! I'm going to clean!"

And as suddenly as it appeared, the heat is just gone, and Roll smiles. "That's great! I'm glad we could come to an understanding." She marches off, slightly-charred mop in hand, to begin her work on another storefront.



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